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The Cuckoo | Traditional Restaurant - Tavern Pylos

Pylos is a small graphical coastal city located in the southwestern part of Peloponnese on the shores of Sea. Built amphitheatrically under Niokastro reminds insular settlement and in recent years has been experiencing significant development of tourism, taking advantage of its beautiful coastline.
It is the largest natural harbor in the Peloponnese and simultaneously one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Messinia, thanks to the glorious history and rich natural beauty of the area. There are many historical and natural attractions, Paleokastro, Niokastro, the cave of Nestor, the lagoon of Gialova, the area of ​​Voidokilia etc.
Pylos is a beautiful town that is appropriate for calm summer holidays because besides the interesting sights and has wonderful beaches.
The Pylos beach is just down the taverns and cafes. Many residents of hotels and city residents prefer to make their quick dip here. Generally, it is a busy spot especially during the summer months.
Pylos with the glorious past, the genuine beauty and warm hospitality of its inhabitants, is waiting to meet her, and promises to give you unforgettable experiences.